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information: nuotian technology is a technology enterprises of relying on the semiconductor converter technology and setting of scientific research and development, production and management as one.companies adhere to the talent as a fundamental, market-oriented, relying on high-tech business philosophy, is committed to in the high frequency induction heating equipment and industrial control equipment development production and application of.the company's main products: medium frequency carbonization furnace, high temperature graphitizing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, silicon carbide sintering furnace, vacuum melting furnace, intermediate frequency diathermy furnace, induction furnace of intermediate frequency and high frequency power category, class, and other electric equipment and materials, transformers, power electronics and industrial automation control devices, such as: medium frequency induction gas (liquid) phase deposition furnace, high power linear reactor, vacuum sintering furnace, circulating air flow drying furnace, sintering furnace, graphite, continuous carbon fiber pre-oxidization furnace, continuous carbon fiber graphite furnace, medium frequency vacuum induction furnace and electric control system.products are widely used in aerospace, transportation, machinery, metallurgy, carbon material, rail traffic vehicle industry and other dozens of processing and manufacturing industries, and high-quality products, perfect service to win the trust and praise from our customers.

after many years of development, the company already has a number of the technical experts and first-class technology development tools, the establishment and improvement of product quality assurance system; external of the company has good economic development environment and great supporting services facilities, establishes and improves product sales and technical service network, over the years, for various industries to provide quality products and good service after sale .in the long-term application, nuotian electric heating technology co., ltd. supplies for all types of users with countless classic technology and product application solutions, along with continuous expansion and extension of technology and product application areas, zhuzhou nuotian electric heating technology co.,ltd. is willing to accept all the guidance of criticism from the customers, willing to continue to supply great service to all the users.

nuotian technology, any promise equals gold! our pursuit of the most professional design, the most excellent quality, the most perfect service after sale, may our sincerity and professional win your inquiry!


enterprises culture:

business philosophy: pragmatic development and create prosperity together. 


team spirit: every staff in every stage, every link is strict in demands to do their own work, not only that, in practical work, we are good at finding problems, active thinking the question, finally solve the problem satisfactorily and effectively; individual one like fast and hard eagle and the whole like wolves acuity,  decisive and unity.


management policy: serious, rigorous, active and efficient.


competition method: comply with the rules, go beyond himself, common win of many sides.


a man'rule: filial piety, devotion, good reputation, handout spirit.


work principle: work hard, thinking carefully, much patience.


service tenet: defective immediately corrected, thinking over the customers' condition, making good friends with customer forever, let the customer be grateful by our sincerity