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vacuum melting furnace

type:smelting furnace

processed materials:the mould, the heater, and the crucible and other high temperature element is insulated by the gate valve before pouring, and pass into the inert gas, then the reducing temperature time of the mould and the end product has been shortened a lot, the residual heat of the main furnace chamber can be used high efficiency when the raw material is put into again, not only can save energy about 50%, but also can improve production efficiency about 50% through putting into the material and pouring over and over again.

applications:all refractory materials suitable for heating by vacuum melting furnace.

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vacuum melting furnace


on the basic of the traditional vacuum melting furnace, adding a upper furnace chamber, a under furnace chamber, a butterfly valve installing between the upper furnace chamber and the main furnace chamber can insulate the upper furnace chamber and the main furnace chamber and a gate valve installing between the furnace bottom and the under furnace chamber can insulate the main furnace chamber and the under furnace chamber.

the picture of vacuum melting furnace:



rated temperature:
1600 ℃
crucible capacity:
5、10、25、50、100、250 kg
pressure rise rate:
<4 pa/h
ultimate vacuum degree under cool state:
working vacuum degree:
2500 hz
rated power:
100、200、300 kw
rated voltage:
375 v
inflation pressure:
< 0.03  mpa

●structural composition:

1.furnace body                                             2.furnace cover

3.furnace support cradle                                  4.vacuum system

5.water cooling system                                    6.medium frequency power supply

7. main electrode and rotary bearing operating mechanism    8.induction coil

9.the furnace bottom

●structure description:

1.furnace body: adopting double water sandwich structure, the inner wall polishing of stainless steel material(1cr18ni9ti), the outer wall of doliform structure is made of high quality carbon steel and flange group welding , the flange surface is provided with a seal groove, adopting vacuum seal as “o” shape and setting a water cooling device (to prevent aging of "o" type ring due to high temperature) ,air hole etc., and setting step to operate conveniently.

2.furnace cover: using the double water sandwich structure of end socket and  flange group welding as a whole, inner wall of stainless steel material(1cr18ni9ti),inner wall polishing,outer wall setting water cooling device is high quality steel, setting rotation type observation window and locking device, etc. 

3.furnace bottom: also using the double water sandwich structure of end socket and  flange group welding as a whole, setting inner pouring platform or hole(pouring ingot usage) and setting water cooling system, water cooling ingot device, at the bottom are welded on the outer wall of the supporting column supporting and connecting the furnace body usage.

4. furnace support cradle: a cabinet frame structure is made of steel plate welding, furnace body placed in the support cradle.

5.induction coil: the inner cooling water is made from the high quality rectangular copper tube, and the outer connecting device is usage for connecting the tube.

6.water cooling system: by all kinds of valve pipe and other related equipment composed and has the sound and light alarm automatically cut off the heating power supply function.

7.if power supply: using 100kw kgps scr medium frequency power supply, according to one by two mode to manufacture reserved interface.

8. main electrode and rotary bearing operating mechanism: by the bending electrode, electrode and induction coil as a whole, to complete the casting process by handle operating mechanism.

9.vacuum system: adopting three grades pump configuration composed by one set of 2x-70 rotary vane type mechanical pump with electromagnetic valve(to prevent the vacuum pump oil flowing backward due to a sudden power outage), one set of zjp-150roots pump, one set of tk-300 convex cavity type diffusion pump with cold trap(to prevent the oil proof steam enters into furnace hearth)d300 high vacuum butterfly valve, d80 manual butterfly valve, inflation valve, deflation valve, the connection of the pump and the vacuum pipe is made of a metal corrugated hose (to reduce vibration), and the vacuum degree is measured by the composite vacuum gauge.